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Article number Name
3320002 Interface controlled auxiliary high beam for LED Matrix - Touareg III
3320004 Restbussimulator VW Aufsteller
332AD01 ADIF AD01
332AD01ZI ADIF AD01ZI - D+
332AD02KA ADIF AD02KA - wheel sensor value
332AD03KA ADIF AD03KA - wheel sensor value
332AD04 ADIF AD04
332AD04KA ADIF AD04KA - wheel sensor value
332AD05KA ADIF AD05KA - wheel sensor value
332AR01 ADIF AR01
332AR01ZI ADIF AR01ZI - D+
332AW01 ADIF AW01
332AW01KA ADIF AW01KA - wheel sensor value
332BM01 ADIF BM01
332BM01KA ADIF BM01KA - wheel sensor value
332BM01ZI ADIF BM01ZI - D+
332BM02ZI ADIF BM01ZI - D+
332BM03 ADIF BM03
332BM03KA ADIF BM03KA - wheel sensor value
332BY01 ADIF BY01
332BY01KA ADIF BY01KA - wheel sensor value
332BY02 ADIF BY02
332BY02KA ADIF BY02KA - wheel sensor value
332CI01 ADIF CI01
332CI02KA ADIF CI02KA - wheel sensor value
332CI05 ADIF CI05
332CI05KA ADIF CI05KA - wheel sensor value
332CI05ZI ADIF CI05ZI - D+
332DB01KA ADIF DB01KA - wheel sensor value
332DB01ZI ADIF DB01ZI - D+
332DB05 ADIF DB05
332DB05KA ADIF DB05KA - wheel sensor value
332DB05ZI ADIF DB05ZI - D+
332DB06 ADIF DB06
332DB06KA ADIF DB06KA - wheel sensor value
332DB06ZI ADIF DB06ZI - D+
332DB19 ADIF DB19
332DC01 ADIF DC01
332DH01 ADIF DH01
332FD01KA ADIF FD01KA - wheel sensor value
332FD02KA ADIF FD02KA - wheel sensor value
332FD03KA ADIF FD03KA - wheel sensor value
332FD03ZI ADIF FD03ZI - D+
332FD04KA ADIF FD04KA - wheel sensor value
332FD05KA ADIF FD05KA - wheel sensor value
332FD06KA ADIF FD06KA - wheel sensor value
332FD06ZI ADIF FD06ZI - D+
332FD07KA ADIF FD07KA - wheel sensor value
332FD08KA ADIF FD08KA - wheel sensor value
332FD08ZI ADIF FD08ZI - D+
332FI01 ADIF FI01
332FI01ZI ADIF FI01ZI - D+
332FI02KA ADIF FI02KA - wheel sensor value
332FI03 ADIF FI03
332FI03KA ADIF FI03KA - wheel sensor value
332FI03ZI ADIF FI03ZI - D+
332GC01 ADIF GC01
332GC01KA ADIF GC01KA - wheel sensor value
332GC01ZI ADIF GC01ZI - D+
332HD02 ADIF HD02
332HD02KA ADIF HD02KA - wheel sensor value
332HD02ZI ADIF HD02ZI - D+
332HD03KA ADIF HD03KA - wheel sensor value
332HY02 ADIF HY02
332HY02KA ADIF HY02KA - wheel sensor value
332HY02ZI ADIF HY02ZI - D+
332HY03 ADIF HY03
332HY03KA ADIF HY03KA - wheel sensor value
332HY03ZI ADIF HY03ZI - D+
332IZ01 ADIF IZ01
332IZ01KA ADIF IZ01KA - wheel sensor value
332IZ01ZI ADIF IZ01ZI - D+
332JA04 ADIF JA04
332KI01ZI ADIF KI01ZI - D+
332LR01 ADIF LR01
332LR02KA ADIF LR02KA - wheel sensor value
332LR02ZI ADIF LR02ZI - D+
332LR03 ADIF LR03
332LR04 ADIF LR04
332LR05ZI ADIF LR05ZI - D+
332MA01 ADIF MA01
332MA01KA ADIF MA01KA - wheel sensor value
332MA01ZI ADIF MA01ZI - D+
332MG01 ADIF MG01
332MG01KA ADIF MG01KA - wheel sensor value
332MG01ZI ADIF MG01ZI - D+
332MI01KA ADIF MI01KA - wheel sensor value
332MI02KA ADIF MI02KA - wheel sensor value
332MZ02 ADIF MZ02
332MZ02KA ADIF MZ02KA - wheel sensor value
332MZ02ZI ADIF MZ02ZI - D+
332MZ03 ADIF MZ03
332MZ03KA ADIF MZ03KA - wheel sensor value
332NI01 ADIF NI01
332NI01KA ADIF NI01KA - wheel sensor value
332NI02KA CAN Bus Interface Taxameter - TN: DE-999CANBU1
332OP02 ADIF OP02
332OP02KA ADIF OP02KA - wheel sensor value
332OP04KA ADIF OP04KA - wheel sensor value
332OP04ZI ADIF OP04ZI - D+
332OR01 ADIF OR01
332OR01KA ADIF OR01KA - wheel sensor value
332PO01 ADIF PO01
332PO03 ADIF PO03
332PO04KA ADIF PO04KA - wheel sensor value
332RE01 ADIF RE01
332RE01ZI ADIF RE01ZI - D+
332RE02 ADIF RE02
332RE03 ADIF RE03
332RE03ZI ADIF RE03ZI - D+
332RE04 ADIF RE04
332RE04KA ADIF RE04KA - wheel sensor value
332RE04ZI ADIF RE01ZI - D+
332SK01KA ADIF SK01KA - wheel sensor value
332SM01KA ADIF SM01KA - wheel sensor value
332ST01 ADIF ST01
332SW01 ADIF SW01
332SW01KA ADIF SW01KA - wheel sensor value
332SW01ZI ADIF SW01ZI - D+
332SZ01 ADIF SZ01
332TE01KA ADIF TE01KA - wheel sensor value
332TE02 ADIF TE02
332TE02KA ADIF TE02KA - wheel sensor value
332TE03 ADIF TE03
332TE03KA ADIF TE03KA - wheel sensor value
332TY01 ADIF TY01
332TY02 ADIF TY02
332TY03 ADIF TY03
332TY03ZI ADIF TY03ZI - D+
332TY04 ADIF TY04
332TY04KA ADIF TY04KA - wheel sensor value
332TY04ZI ADIF TY04ZI - D+
332VO01KA ADIF VO01KA - wheel sensor value
332VO02KA ADIF VO02KA - wheel sensor value
332VO02ZI ADIF VO02ZI - D+
332VO03ZI ADIF VO03ZI - D+
332VO04 ADIF VO04
332VO04KA ADIF VO04KA - wheel sensor value
332VW01KA ADIF VW01KA - wheel sensor value
332VW01ZI ADIF VW01ZI - D+
332VW05 ADIF VW05
332VW05AI ADIF VW05AI - D+
332VW05KA ADIF VW05KA - wheel sensor value
332VW05ZI ADIF VW05ZI - D+
340011 CB-1 (speedpulse)
340017 CB-7 Speed Pulse Interface für SCP/TRAN Bus-Systeme
340026 SIGI (signal amplifier)
3401006 PowerStick
3406881 Interface Start-Stop-Memory Jeep
3406881-SP Interface Sport-Mode-Memory Jeep
342AD01/0 ADIF AD01/0
342AD01/0/ZI ADIF AD01/0/ZI - D+
342AD01/M/5 ADIF AD01/M/5
342AD02/0 ADIF AD02/0
342AD03/0/KA ADIF AD03/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342AD04/0 ADIF AD04/0
342AR01/0 ADIF AR01/0
342BM01/0 ADIF BM01/0
342CI01/0 ADIF CI01/0
342CI02/0 ADIF CI02/0
342CI05/0 ADIF CI05/0
342DB01/0 ADIF DB01/0
342DB01/0/PD ADIF DB01/0/PD - PDC
342DB01/0/ZI ADIF DB01/0/ZI - D+
342DB02/0 ADIF DB02/0
342DB03/0 ADIF DB03/0
342DB03/0/ET ADIF DB03/0/ET
342DB04/0 ADIF DB04/0
342DB05/0 ADIF DB05/0
342DB06/0/KA ADIF DB06/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342DB07/0 ADIF DB07/0
342DB19/0 ADIF DB19/0
342DC01/0 ADIF DC01/0
342DH01/0 ADIF DH01/0
342FD01/0/KA ADIF FD01/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342FD01/0/ZI ADIF FD01/0/ZI - D+
342FD02/0 ADIF FD02/0
342FD03/0/KA ADIF FD03/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342FD03/0/ZI ADIF FD03/0/ZI - D+
342FD04/0/KA ADIF FD04/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342FD05/0/KA ADIF FD05/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342FD06/0/KA ADIF FD06/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342FD07/0/KA ADIF FD07/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342FI01/0 ADIF FI01/0
342FI01/0/ZI ADIF FI01/0/ZI - D+
342FI02/0 ADIF FI02/0
342FI03/0 ADIF FI03/0
342FMS/0/ZI ADIF FMS/0/ZI - D+
342GC01/0 ADIF GC01/0
342GC01/0/KA ADIF GC01/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342HD01/0 ADIF HD01/0
342HD01/0/KA ADIF HD01/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342HD02/0/KA ADIF HD02/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342HY01/0/KA ADIF HY01/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342JA01/0 ADIF JA01/0
342JA03/0 ADIF JA03/0
342LR01/0 ADIF LR01/0
342LR02/0/KA ADIF LR02/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342LR02/0/ZI ADIF LR02/0/ZI - D+
342LR03/0 ADIF LR03/0
342LR04/0 ADIF LR04/0
342MI01/0 ADIF MI01/0
342MI02/0 ADIF MI02/0
342MI03/0/KA ADIF MI03/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342MZ01/0/KA ADIF MZ01/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342MZ02/0/KA ADIF MZ02/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342NI01/0 ADIF NI01/0
342OP01/0 ADIF OP01/0
342OP01ZI ADIF OP01ZI - D+
342OP02/0 ADIF OP02/0
342OP02/0/KA ADIF OP02/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342OP04/0/KA ADIF OP04/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342PO01/0 ADIF PO01/0 - wheel sensor value
342PO02/0 ADIF PO02/0
342PO03/0 ADIF PO03/0
342PO04/0/KA ADIF PO04/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342RE01/0 ADIF RE01/0
342RE01/0/ZI ADIF RE01/0/ZI - D+
342RE02/0 ADIF RE02/0
342RE03/0 ADIF RE03/0
342SB01/0 ADIF SB01/0
342SK01/0/KA ADIF SK01/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342SK01/M/3 ADIF SK01/M/3
342SM01/0 ADIF SM01/0
342SY01/0 ADIF SY01/0
342SZ01/0 ADIF SZ01/0
342TE01/0/KA ADIF TE01/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342TY01/0 ADIF TY01/0
342TY02/0 ADIF TY02/0
342TY03/0 ADIF TY03/0
342VO01/0 ADIF VO01/0
342VO02/0/KA ADIF VO02/0/KA - wheel sensor value
342VW01/0 ADIF VW01/0
342VW01/0/ZI ADIF VW01/0/ZI - D+
342VW01/M/3 ADIF VW01/M/3
342VW02/0 ADIF VW02/0
342VW02/0/ZI ADIF VW02/0/ZI - D+
342VW02/M/3 ADIF VW02/M/3
342VW03/0 ADIF VW03/0
342VW03/M/3 ADIF VW03/M/3
342VW04/0 ADIF VW04/0
342VW05/0 ADIF VW05/0
342VW05/0/ZI ADIF VW05/0/ZI - D+
3430001 CAN Simulation Chrysler 300C
3450043 Interface DT Replace Peugeot / Fiat / Citroen - not configured
3450090 Configuration kit for DT Replace
3450506 Interface RunLock NI02
3470003 SWRC interface Ford I + II
3470004 URI Typ HS 2
3470005 SWRC interface BMW
3470006 SWRC interface Citroen
3470010 URI Typ Mercedes
3470011 URI Typ VW T5 (7H) facelift
3470012 SWRC inderface Chrysler / Jeep
3470013 URI Typ VW Touareg (7L) 2002-2010
3470015 URI Typ Suzuki 2005-
3470016 SWC Interface for Nissan
3470017 URI Typ Volvo
3470019 SWC Interface for MAN
3470020 SWC-interface Fiat
3470022 URI Typ Porsche
3470023 URI Typ Scania
3470024 URI Typ Subaru
3470025 URI Typ Renault TomTom
3470061 pre-product SWRC Interface for Pioneer VW-08
3470073 Interface RunLock VW01 - analog ignition lock
3470074 Interface RunLock VW02 - Keyless Go
3470075 Interface single door lock VW - T5, T6 (7H)
3475802 CAN2COM AUDI
3475812 CAN2COM BMW
3475821 CAN2COM Mercedes
3475830 CAN2COM Ford
3475834 CAN2COM Opel
3475847 CAN2COM Lexus
3475852 CAN2COM Ford
3475853 CAN2COM Ford Transit 6. Gen
3475856 CAN2COM VW / Seat / Skoda
3475857 CAN2COM Audi, Skoda, Seat, VW
3475864 CAN2COM Fiat
3475898 CAN2COM Hyundai
34990011-2 Taxi CAN module mercedes - W221 - Variation 2
34990022 Taxi CAN module Fiat - Ducato SUTainer
34990060 Taxi CAN module Dodge - Journey
34993101 Roof sign control
3500031 O. B. I. LS One Button Interface
3630021 modul sound2car
3670044 Spezialinterface Unimog
3670069 Button-Switch converter
3676308 DVI Displayconnection VW Display 8" Discover Pro
3676401 Voltage monitor 12 V 11.5 V / 12.5 V
3700250 UDS USB PC-Adapter
B-339DB01 RunLock Mercedes - Ignition lock button
B-339DB01-1 RunLock Mercedes - Ignition lock button
B-339FD01 RunLock Ford
B-339FD02 RunLock Ford FD02
B-339FD03 RunLock Ford
B-339FD04 RunLock Ford - POL NRW
B-339FD06 RunLock Ford Touneo Custom NXN - POL NRW
B-339LR01 RunLock Land Rover - Keyless Go
B-339MZ01 RunLock Mazda
B-339NI01 RunLock Nissan - open wires
B-339TY01 RunLock Toyota
B-339VO01 RunLock Volvo
B-339VO03 RunLock Volvo - without sperate reciever
B-339VO04 RunLock Volvo - automatic gear
B-339VW01-TOURAN RunLock VW - analog ignition lock
B-339VW02 RunLock VW - Keyless Go
B-339VW03 RunLock VW
B-339VW04 RunLock VW
B-339VW05 RunLock VW - Keyless Go
B-339VW06 RunLock VW - analog ignition lock
B-339VW07 RunLock VW / Audi
B-339VW08 RunLock VW - analog ignition lock
B-339VW08-2 RunLock VW - analog ignition lock
B-339VW09 RunLock VW - analog ignition lock
B-339VW09-2 RunLock (MWS) VW Passat Passat B9 - Keyless Go
B-3400051-REM Remote Interface - VW MQB
B-340012 CB-2 CAN-Interface für Speed, Kl15S, R-Gang, Licht
B-340027 Speed 15 - Universal
B-340116 ER-70 - Electronic Relay
B-3404115 Clamp 15 - Simulation
B-3404116 Klemme 15 Interface mit Kabelsatz für THB Bury
B-3404656 Bundle R.I.C.C.I universal CAN Interface VW Clarion
B-3404700 R.i.c.c.i - Ignition interface - Universal
B-3404701 Pre 15 - Universal
B-3404702 R.i.c.c.i - Ignition interface - Renault
B-3404706 Complementary Converter
B-3404709 R.i.c.c.i - Ignition interface - Complete set
B-3404711 R.i.c.c.i - Ignition interface - Open wire ends
B-3404713 Speed Interface Kalmar
B-3404717-RVC Bundle rear-view-camerafor Subaru
B-3404721 Start-Stop-Memory Mercedes
B-3404751-RVC Bundle connecting rearview camera VW
B-3404752-RVC Reverse signal interface VW - reverse only
B-3404757 R.i.c.c.i - Ignition interface - Power Quadlock
B-3404774-RVC Rear View Camera Modul for Nissan Quashqai/Juke
B-3404799 SpeedConnect
B-3406812 Start-Stop-Memory BMW
B-3406821 Start-Stop-Memory Mercedes
B-3406821-1 Start-Stop-Memory Mercedes - Plug&Play
B-3406822 Start-Stop-Memory Mercedes - W447
B-3406833 Start-Stop-Memory Citroen / Opel / Peugeot / Toyota - EMP2 / CMP
B-3406852 Start-Stop-Memory Ford
B-3406856 Start-Stop-Memory VW
B-3406857 Start-Stop-Memory Audi / SEAT / Skoda / VW - MQB
B-3406857-1 Start-Stop-Memory Audi / SEAT / Skoda / VW - MQB - Plug&Play
B-3406857-2 Start-Stop-Memory Audi / SEAT / Skoda / VW - MQB evo - Plug&Play
B-3406865 Start-Stop-Memory Volvo
B-3406888 Start-Stop-Memory Kia
B-3407401 ODO 15
B-3414704 SWRC interface Audi / SEAT / VW - ISO
B-3414705 SWRC interface for IR receiver
B-3414705-01 SWRC interface IR receiver - universal
B-3414707 SWRC interface Atiwe - steering wheel
B-3414711 SWRC interface BMW - Ibus with Bavaria plug
B-3414712 SWRC interface BMW - Ibus with Quadlock
B-3414715 SWRC interface Subaru I - ISO
B-3414716 SWRC interface Subaru IV - ISO
B-3414716-01 SWRC interface Subaru IV - ISO
B-3414716-AUX SWRC interface Subaru IV - ISO, orig. AUX-connection
B-3414716-CL SWC interface for Subaru harness with ISO- pinning
B-3414717 SWRC interface Subaru II - ISO
B-3414717-01 SWRC interface Subaru II - ISO
B-3414719 SWRC interface Subaru III - ISO
B-3414719-01 SWRC interface Subaru III - ISO
B-3414719-CL SWC interface for Subaru harness with ISO- pinning
B-3414739 SWRC interface SsangYong I - ISO
B-3414748 SWRC interface Daihatsu / Toyota - ISO
B-3414748-01 SWRC interface Daihatsu / Toyota - ISO
B-3414749 SWRC interface Opel - ISO, analog
B-3414749-01 SWRC interface Opel - ISO, analog
B-3414752 SWRC interface Ford
B-3414752-01 SWRC interface Ford
B-3414753 SWRC interface Ford - 24pol. Plug to ISO
B-3414753-01 SWRC interface Ford - 24pol. Plug to ISO
B-3414771 SWRC interface Nissan I - ISO
B-3414771-01 SWRC interface Nissan I
B-3414772 SWRC interface Nissan II - ISO
B-3414772-01 SWRC interface Nissan II - ISO
B-3414773-01 SWRC interface Nissan IV - ISO
B-3414774 SWRC interface Nissan III - ISO
B-3414774-01 SWRC interface Nissan III - ISO
B-3414775 SWRC interface Nissan V - open wire ends
B-3414775-01 SWRC interface Nissan V - open wire ends
B-3414778 SWRC interface Honda - ISO, with interlock cable harness
B-3414779 SWRC interface Isuzu - ISO
B-3414779-CL SWC interface for Isuzu D-Max with ISO- pinning
B-3414786 SWRC interface Fiat / Opel / Suzuki - ISO
B-3414786-01 SWRC interface Fiat / Opel / Suzuki - ISO
B-3414794 SWRC interface Mazda - ISO, without Amplifier
B-3414794-01 SWRC interface Mazda - ISO, without Amplifier
B-3414796 SWRC interface Honda - ISO, without interlock cable harness
B-3414798-H SWRC interface Hyundai - ISO
B-3414798-H-01 SWRC interface Hyundai - ISO
B-3414798-K SWRC interface Kia - ISO
B-3414798-K-01 SWRC interface Kia - ISO
B-3414799-H SWRC interface Hyundai - KET cable harness
B-3414799-H-01 SWRC interface Hyundai - KET cable harness
B-3414799-K SWRC interface Kia - KET cable harness
B-3414799-K-01 SWRC interface Kia - KET cable harness
B-3435256 bundle CAN-bus interface for handsfree kit PeiTel
B-3444403 Bundle Display-Lenkradinterface Audi Alpine Mini-ISO
B-3444404-1 Bundle Display-Lenkradinterface Audi Alpine
B-3444435 Bundle Display-Lenkradinterface Porsche Alpine Quadlock
B-3444451 Bundle Display-Lenkradinterface Audi Alpine Quadlock
B-3444656 DE and EN are epmty
B-3444703 SWRC interface Audi / SEAT - ISO
B-3444703-1 SWRC interface Audi / SEAT - ISO & Quadlock
B-3444712 SWRC interface BMW
B-3444721 SWRC interface Mercedes I
B-3444721-2 SWRC interface Mercedes I - ISO 8 & Quadlock
B-3444722 SWRC interface Mercedes I - Audio 20 mit Quadlock
B-3444723 SWRC interface Mercedes II - Audio 15 mit Quadlock
B-3444723-2 SWRC interface Mercedes II - ISO 8 & Quadlock
B-3444724 SWRC interface Mercedes II - ISO
B-3444725 SWRC interface Mercedes - MP4
B-3444725-01 SWRC interface Mercedes - MP4
B-3444727 SWRC interface Unimog - UGE & UHE
B-3444727-24V SWRC interface Unimog - UGE & UHE
B-3444733 SWRC interface Opel
B-3444733-01 SWRC interface Opel
B-3444735 SWRC interface Porsche II
B-3444736 SWRC interface Porsche I
B-3444741 SWRC interface Citroen / Fiat / Peugeot / SEAT Skoda / VW
B-3444741-01 SWRC interface Citroen / Fiat / Lancia / Peugeot
B-3444751 SWRC interface Audi / SEAT - Quadlock
B-3444752 SWRC interface Ford
B-3444755 SWRC interface VW / SEAT / Skoda - (-2010) red FIS display
B-3444755-01 SWRC interface VW / SEAT / Skoda - (-2010) red FIS display
B-3444755-A SWRC interface for VW, Seat, Skoda ab 2010
B-3444756 SWRC interface VW / SEAT / Skoda - (2010-), white FIS Display
B-3444757 SWRC interface VW - T6 mit Powerquadlock
B-3444757-MUTE Mute interface Audi / VW - MQB, MLB-Evo
B-3444770 SWRC interface DAF
B-3450003 Bundle AUX-heater-Interface GM (Global A)
B-3450031 DT Replace VW
B-3450033 DT Replace VW / Mercedes
B-3450037 DT Replace Mercedes - Sprinter W907
B-3450041 DT Replace Peugeot / Fiat / Citroen - 3.0 L
B-3450042 DT Replace Peugeot / Fiat / Citroen
B-3450044 DT Replace Peugeot / Fiat / Citroen - 16''
B-3450045 DT Replace Peugeot / Fiat / Citroen - DTCO 4.0
B-3450050 DT Replace Iveco
B-3450101 D8-Amplifier for DTCO
B-3450231 Signalbox - Maxus
B-3450231-W Signalbox hazard lights - Maxus
B-3450232 Signalbox Volvo - EX30
B-3450232-W Signalbox hazard lights - Volvo EX30
B-3450233 Signalbox - Toyota
B-3450233-W Signalbox hazard lights - Toyota
B-3450234 Signalbox Tesla Model 3
B-3450234-W Signalbox hazard lights - Tesla Model 3
B-3450235 Signalbox GWM/ORA
B-3450235-W Signalbox hazard lights -GWM/ORA
B-3450236 Signalbox Elaris/Skywell
B-3450236-W Signalbox hazard lights - Elaris/Skywell
B-3450237 Signalbox BYD
B-3450237-W Signalbox hazard lights - BYD
B-3450238 Signalbox Tesla Model S Plaid
B-3450238-W Signalbox hazard lights - Tesla Model S Plaid
B-3450239 Signalbox MG
B-3450239-W Signalbox hazard lights - MG
B-3450240 Signalbox Mercedes - Special version
B-3450241 Signalbox Tesla
B-3450241-W Signalbox hazard lights - Tesla
B-3450242 Signalbox BMW
B-3450242-W Signalbox hazard lights - BMW
B-3450243-W Signalbox hazard lights - Jeep / Dodge
B-3450244 Signalbox Hyundai / Kia / Genesis - E-GMP
B-3450244-W Signalbox hazard lights - Hyundai / Kia / Genesis E-GMP
B-3450245 Signalbox Fiat Ducato 2021
B-3450245-W Signalbox hazard lights - Fiat Ducato 2021
B-3450246 Signalbox Maxus
B-3450246-W Signalbox hazard lights - Maxus
B-3450247 Signalbox Land Rover
B-3450247-W Signalbox hazard lights - Land Rover
B-3450248 Signalbox - Toyota
B-3450248-W Signalbox hazard lights - Toyota
B-3450249-W Signalbox hazard lights - Audi e-Tron
B-3450250 Signalbox Mercedes / VW
B-3450251 Signalbox Audi / Porsche / SEAT
B-3450252 Signalbox Audi
B-3450253 Signalbox Mercedes
B-3450253-T Signalbox Door contacts - Mercedes
B-3450253-W Signalbox hazard lights - Mercedes
B-3450254 Signalbox Mercedes
B-3450255-H Signalbox tailgate - VW
B-3450256 Signalbox Opel / Saab / Chevrolet / Buick
B-3450257 Signalbox Alfa / Citroen / Fiat / Ford / Iveco / Lancia / Opel / Peugeot
B-3450258 Signalbox Audi, Seat, Skoda, VW
B-3450258-H Signalbox tailgate - Audi / SEAT / Skoda / VW
B-3450258-W Signalbox hazard lights - Audi / SEAT / Skoda / VW
B-3450259 Signalbox BMW
B-3450259-W Signalbox hazard lights - BMW
B-3450260 Signalbox Mitsubishi / Peugeot / Citroen
B-3450261 Signalbox SEAT
B-3450262 Signalbox Volvo
B-3450262-W Signalbox hazard lights - Volvo
B-3450263 Signalbox Opel / Renault / Nissan
B-3450264 Signalbox Citroen / Peugeot / Fiat / Lancia
B-3450265 Signalbox Audi / VW / Porsche
B-3450266 Signalbox Mazda
B-3450266-W Signalbox hazard lights - Mazda
B-3450267 Signalbox Renault / Opel / Nissan
B-3450268 Signalbox Opel
B-3450269 Signalbox Subaru
B-3450270 Signalbox Aiways
B-3450270-W Signalbox hazard lights - Aiways
B-3450271 Signalbox Renault / Opel / Nissan / Smart
B-3450271-W Signalbox hazard lights - Renault / Opel / Nissan / Smart
B-3450272 Signalbox Fiat / Nissan / Opel
B-3450273 Signalbox Renault
B-3450274 Signalbox Honda
B-3450274-W Signalbox hazard lights - Honda
B-3450275 Signalbox Volvo
B-3450276 Signalbox Audi / Porsche / Seat / Skoda / VW
B-3450276-W Signalbox hazard lights - Audi / Porsche / SEAT / Skoda / VW
B-3450278 Signalbox Ford - white OBD2 plug
B-3450279 Signalbox Kia
B-3450280-W Signalbox hazard lights - Ford
B-3450281-W Signalbox hazard lights - Dacia
B-3450282-W Signalbox hazard lights - Volvo
B-3450283-W Signalbox hazard lights - Hyundai
B-3450284-W Signalbox hazard lights - Fiat / Opel
B-3450285-W Signalbox hazard lights - Fiat / Lancia
B-3450286-W Signalbox hazard lights - Mitsubishi
B-3450287 Signalbox - Mazda
B-3450287-W Signalbox hazard lights - Mazda
B-3450288-W Signalbox hazard lights - Honda
B-3450289-W Signalbox hazard lights - Mercedes
B-3450290 Signalbox Landrover
B-3450290-W Signalbox hazard lights - Land Rover
B-3450291 Signalbox Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep / Lancia
B-3450291-W Signalbox hazard lights - Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep / Lancia
B-3450292 Signalbox Mercedes
B-3450292-W Signalbox hazard lights - Mercedes
B-3450293 Signalbox Ford
B-3450293-W Signalbox hazard lights - Ford
B-3450295 Signalbox Hyundai / Kia
B-3450295-W Signalbox hazard lights - Hyundai / Kia
B-3450296-W Signalbox hazard lights - Mitsubishi
B-3450297 Signalbox Renault
B-3450297-W Signalbox hazard lights - Renault
B-3450298 Signalbox Range Rover
B-3450299 Signalbox Citroen / Opel / Peugeot / Toyota - PSA
B-3450299-W Signalbox hazard lights - Citroen / DS Automobiles / Opel / Peugeot / Toyota
B-3450301 Signalbox Authority - Fiat / Ford / Iveco / Mercedes / VW
B-3450304 Signalbox Authority - Ford S-Max
B-3450305 Signalbox Authority - Ford Focus
B-3450306 Signalbox Authority - Toyota Corolla
B-3450308 Signalbox Authority - Ford S-Max
B-3450309 Signalbox Authority - VW MQB / MLBevo
B-3450310 Signalbox vehicle modification - Ford / PSA / VAG
B-3450311 Signalbox vehicle modification - Mercedes W907
B-3450312 Signalbox vehicle modification - Fiat Ducato 2021
B-3450313 Signalbox Authority - Landrover Defender
B-3450314 Signalbox vehicle modification - Renault / Nissan
B-3450316 Signalbox Authority - Ford Ranger 4
B-3450317 Signalbox B&T - Ford / PSA / VAG
B-3450504 RunLock Volvo
B-3450505 RunLock Volvo - ext. Empfänger
B-3470041 SWC Interface URI Citroen --> Pioneer
B-3470042 SWC Interface Citroen --> Kenwood
B-3470043 SWC Interface Citroen --> JVC
B-3470044 SWC Interface Citroen --> Alpine
B-3470045 SWC Interface Citroen --> Clarion
B-3470059 AutoAssist-OFF Honda e:Ny1
B-3470073 RunLock VW - analog ignition lock
B-3470074 RunLock VW - Keyless Go
B-3470076 bundle synchronisation adaption Hänsch
B-3470077 bundle steeringwheel control interface VAMA bluelight Ford
B-3470082 AutoAssist-OFF Audi / SEAT / Skoda / VW - MQB
B-3470083 AutoAssist-OFF VW – Touareg III/Passat B9
B-3470084 AutoAssist-OFF Audi / SEAT / Skoda / VW - MQB
B-3470085 AutoAssist-OFF Mercedes
B-3470088 AutoAssist-OFF Audi - MLBevo
B-3470089 AutoAssist-OFF Audi A6 - MLBevo
B-3470095 AutoAssist-OFF E-GMP Platform
B-3470096 AutoAssist-OFF Audi e-tron
B-3470097 AutoAssist-OFF KIA Ceed
B-3470099 AutoAssist-OFF PSA
B-3474712 SWC interface for BMW 1er, 3er, 5er, 6er
B-3474719 SWRC interface Subaru
B-3474721 SWRC interface Mercedes - AU5
B-3474722 SWRC interface Mercedes - ISO, AU10
B-3474723 SWRC interface Mercedes - Quadlock, AU20 / NTG2 / APS50
B-3474724 SWRC interface Mercedes - Quadlock, AU20 / NTG1
B-3474725 SWRC interface Mercedes - MP2, ISO
B-3474735 SWRC interface Porsche - ISO
B-3474736 SWRC interface Porsche - Quadlock
B-3474741 SWC interface for Citroen/ Peugeot
B-3474752 SWRC interface Ford I
B-3474753 SWRC interface Ford II
B-3474754 SWRC interface VW I
B-3474756 SWRC interface VW II
B-3474760 SWRC interface Alfa / Citroen / Fiat... - Magneti Marelli + Blue&Me
B-3474760-01 SWRC interface Alfa / Citroen / Fiat... - Magneti Marelli + Blue&Me
B-3474761 SWRC interface Alfa / Citroen / Fiat... - ohne Blue&Me
B-3474761-01 SWRC interface Alfa / Citroen / Fiat... - ohne Blue&Me
B-3474762 SWRC interface Iveco I - ISO
B-3474763 SWRC interface Iveco II / Fiat Ducato 2021 - Delphi DAB
B-3474763-01 SWRC interface Iveco Daily VI
B-3474764 SWRC interface Alfa / Citroen / Fiat... - Touch-Headunit
B-3474764-01 SWRC interface Alfa / Citroen / Fiat... - Touch-Headunit
B-3474764-R560 SWRC interface Alfa / Citroen / Fiat... - lange CAN-Leitung für OBD2-Abgriff
B-3474764-R560-01 SWRC interface Alfa / Citroen / Fiat... - lange CAN-Leitung für OBD2-Abgriff
B-3474765 SWRC interface Volvo
B-3474766 SWRC interface Alfa / Citroen / Fiat... - mit Blue&Me
B-3474766-01 SWRC interface Alfa / Citroen / Fiat... - mit Blue&Me
B-3474768 SWRC interface Volvo Truck
B-3474771 SWRC interface Nissan I
B-3474772 SWRC interface Nissan II
B-3474776 SWRC interface MAN
B-3474777 SWRC interface MAN with Quadlock
B-3474780 SWRC interface Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep I - grey plug
B-3474780-1 SWRC interface Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep I
B-3474781 SWRC interface Chrysler / Dodge / Jeep II - brown plug
B-3474782 SWRC interface Chrysler / Jeep / Lancia
B-3474785 SWRC interface Renault - TomTom
B-3474787 SWRC interface Suzuki - with telephone buttons
B-3474791 SWRC interface Scania
B-3474792 SWRC interface Suzuki - without telephone buttons
B-34990000 Taxi module analog
B-34990001 Taxi CAN module Audi - A6
B-34990002 Taxi CAN module Audi - A8
B-34990003 Taxi CAN module Audi - A4, Q5
B-34990004 Taxi CAN module Audi - A6, A7
B-34990005 Taxi CAN module Audi - A8
B-34990007 Taxi CAN module Mercedes - W206
B-34990008 Taxi CAN module Mercedes - W907, W910, W205, W213
B-34990010 Taxi CAN module Mercedes - W203, W211
B-34990011 Taxi CAN module Mercedes - W221
B-34990012 Taxi CAN module Mercedes - W639
B-34990013 Taxi CAN module Mercedes - W219
B-34990014 Taxi CAN module Mercedes - W247, W205, W213, X253, W222
B-34990015 Taxi CAN module Mercedes - W251
B-34990016 Taxi CAN module Mercedes - W176, W246, W204, W117, W218, W212, X156, X204
B-34990017 Taxi CAN module Mercedes - W169, W245, W164
B-34990019 Taxi CAN module Volvo - EX30
B-34990020 Taxi CAN module Citroen / Fiat / Peugeot
B-34990021 Taxi CAN module Citroen / Fiat / Peugeot
B-34990023 Taxi CAN module Citroen / Fiat / Lancia / Opel / Peugeot / Toyota
B-34990024 Taxi CAN module VW - T5, Amarok
B-34990025 Taxi CAN module Peugeot - 508
B-34990026 Taxi CAN module BYD
B-34990027 Taxi CAN module Renault / Nissan / Mercedes
B-34990028 Taxi CAN module Peugeot
B-34990029 Taxi CAN module Honda - eNy1
B-34990030 Taxi CAN module BMW - 5er
B-34990031 Taxi CAN module BMW - F/G-Reihe
B-34990033 Taxi CAN module BMW - I-Series
B-34990040 Taxi CAN module Ford - Transit
B-34990041 Taxi CAN module Ford - S-Max, Mondeo, Galaxy
B-34990042 Taxi CAN module Ford - Focus, Kuga
B-34990043 Taxi CAN module Ford - Tourneo Connect, transit Connect
B-34990044 Taxi CAN module Ford - Tourneo Custom, Transit Custom, Transit VII
B-34990049 Taxi CAN module Skoda - Octavia, Superb
B-34990050 Taxi CAN module SEAT / Skoda / VW
B-34990052 Taxi CAN module VW - T5
B-34990053 Taxi CAN module VW - Phaeton
B-34990054 Taxi CAN module Mercedes - Sprinter II
B-34990055 Taxi CAN module VW - Crafter SUTainer
B-34990056 Taxi CAN module VW - MQB evo
B-34990057 Taxi CAN module VW / Skoda - ID.3, ID.4, Enyaq
B-34990061 Taxi CAN module Chrysler - 300
B-34990062 Taxi CAN module SEAT - Exeo
B-34990066 Taxi CAN module Toyota - Corolla E210 FL
B-34990068 Taxi CAN module Kia - EV6
B-34990069 Taxi CAN module Toyota - Corolla E210
B-34990071 Taxi CAN module Toyota - Prius II
B-34990072 Taxi CAN module Toyota - Avensis III
B-34990073 Taxi CAN module Ford - C-Max
B-34990074 Taxi CAN module Ford - S-Max, Mondeo, Galaxy
B-34990075 Taxi CAN module Toyota - Prius III
B-34990077 Taxi CAN module Porsche - Panamera
B-34990078 Taxi CAN module Opel - Halogen
B-34990079 Taxi CAN module VW - Touareg I
B-34990080 Taxi CAN module VW - Phaeton 3D
B-34990081 Taxi CAN module Fiat / Chrysler / Lancia
B-34990082 Taxi CAN module Tyota - Prius+
B-34990083 Taxi CAN module Audi / SEAT / Skoda / VW
B-34990084 Taxi CAN module Buick / Chevrolet / Opel / Saab
B-34990085 Taxi CAN module Mercedes - W447
B-34990086 Taxi CAN module Ford - Edge, Galxy, S-Max, Tourneo, Transit
B-34990087 Taxi CAN module Jaguar - XF
B-34990088 Taxi CAN module Volvo - S90, V90, XC90
B-34990089 Taxi CAN module Tesla - Model S
B-34990090 Taxi CAN module Tesla - Model X
B-34990091 Taxi CAN module LEVC
B-34990092 Taxi CAN module Volvo - Kienzle roof sign control
B-34990093 Taxi CAN module VW - T6.1
B-34990094 Taxi CAN module Volvo - blinking roof sign control
B-34990095 Taxi CAN module Aiways - U5
B-34990096 Taxi CAN module Ford - Explorer, Mach-E
B-34990097 Taxi-CAN-Modul Tesla - Model 3/Y
B-3504700 Bundle R.I.C.I Universal Interface
B-3504701 Bundle R.I.C.I HS Universal Interface
B-3504752-PDC PDC Interface Ford - (2012-)
B-3504765-PDC PDC Interface Volvo
B-3540001 Additional video sources (USB+video)
B-3540005 bundle additional video source VW 9,2" 2018- (without RVC)
B-3540006 Additional video sources (USB+video) 2019
B-3540501 RunLock Volvo - without sperate reciever
B-3546610 Bundle SH-Gateway Jaguar
B-3546911 OneButton Interface BMW - LS
B-3546912 OneButton Interface BMW - HS
B-3546915 OneButton Interface BMW
B-3546921 OneButton Interface Mercedes
B-3546952 OneButton Interface Ford
B-3546956 OneButton Interface Audi / SEAT / Skoda / VW - Quadlock
B-3546956-PQ OneButton Interface Audi / SEAT / Skoda / VW - Power Quadlock
B-3546957 OneButton Interface Audi / SEAT / Skoda / VW
B-3546965 OneButton Interface Volvo
B-3546998 OneButton Interface Kia
B-3547523 O.B.I. Mercedes Vito 447 Vol up/down
B-358AD01 DisplaySwitch Touch Audi - 10,1" / 1540*720
B-358AD02 DisplaySwitch Touch Audi - 8,6" Klima / 1280*660
B-358ADXX DisplaySwitch Audi - Placeholder article
B-358DB03 DisplaySwitch Touch Mercedes - 10,25" / 1920*720
B-358DB04 DisplaySwitch Touch Mercedes - 10,25" 1920*720
B-358DB05 DisplaySwitch Touch Mercedes - 7" / 960*540
B-358DB06 DisplaySwitch Touch Mercedes - 10,25" / 1920*720
B-358DB06-2023 DisplaySwitch Touch Mercedes - 10,25" / 1920*720
B-358DB07 DisplaySwitch Touch Mercedes - 10,25" and 12,3" / 1920*720
B-358DB08 DisplaySwitch Touch Mercedes - 10,25" und 12,3" / 1920*720
B-358DB09 DisplaySwitch Touch Mercedes - 10,25" und 12,3" / 1280*720
B-358DBXX DisplaySwitch Meredes - Placeholder article
B-358FDXX DisplaySwitch Ford - Placeholder article
B-358FI01 DisplaySwitch Touch Fiat - 10,25" / 1920*720
B-358VO01 DisplaySwitch Touch Volvo - 12" / 768*1024
B-358VW01 DisplaySwitch Touch VW MQB - 8" / 800*480
B-358VW02 DisplaySwitch Touch VW MQB - 8" / 800*480
B-358VW02-SL DisplaySwitch Touch VW MQB - 8" / 800*480
B-358VW04 DisplaySwitch Touch VW MQB - 9,2" / 1280*640
B-358VW05 DisplaySwitch Touch VW MQB - 9,2" / 1280*640
B-358VW05-KAS DisplaySwitch Touch VW MQB - 9,2" / 1280*640
B-358VW06 DisplaySwitch Touch MQBevo - 10,0" / 1560*700
B-358VW07 DisplaySwitch Touch VW MLBevo - 15,0" / 1920*1020
B-358VW08 DisplaySwitch Touch Skoda MEB - 13,0" / 1440*700
B-358VW09 DisplaySwitch Touch VW MEB 10" - Cupra 12"/ 1560*700
B-358VW11 DisplaySwitch Touch MEB - 10,0" / 1560*700
B-358VW12 DisplaySwitch Touch VW - 12,9" / 1920*1080
B-358VWXX DisplaySwitch VW / SEAT / Skoda - Placeholder article
B-360AD01 Installation kit LARDIS VW 10,1 inch
B-360AD02 Installation kit LARDIS VW 8,6 inch
B-360DB03 Installation kit LARDIS Mercedes 10,25 inch - SPV input
B-360DB05 Installation kit LARDIS Mercedes 7 inch
B-360DB06 Installation kit LARDIS Mercedes 10,25 inch - without SPV input
B-360DB06-2023 Installation kit LARDIS Mercedes 10,25 inch - without SPV input
B-360DB07 Installation kit LARDIS Mercedes 12,3 inch
B-360VO01 Installation kit LARDIS Volvo 12 inch
B-360VW02 Installation kit LARDIS VW 8 inch
B-360VW05 Installation kit LARDIS VW 9,2 inch
B-360VW06 Installation kit LARDIS VW 10,0 inch
B-360VW07 Installation kit LARDIS VW 15,0 inch
B-360VW08 Installation kit LARDIS VW 13,0 inch
B-360VW11 Installation kit LARDIS VW 10,0 inch
B-361VW02-SL DisplaySwitch Touch VW MQB - 8" / 800*480 - Crafter
B-366VW02 Single door lock VW - T6.1
B-366VW03 Single door lock VW - T6.1 - both doors
B-3670010 RunBlock
B-3670011-180MA Bundle 4x2-fach Umschalteinheit
B-3670012 RunBlock - Volvo
B-3674212-PDC PDC Interface - BMW / Citroen / Peugeot / Volvo / Ford / Lancia / Fiat
B-3674212-PDC-WB PDC Interface - BMW / Citroen / Peugeot / Volvo / Ford / Lancia / Fiat
B-3674700 Tailgate module - Universal
B-3674701 Amplifier Interface
B-3674727-GZ bundle power management adapter
B-3674728 V-Booster - Stabilization for vehicle voltage
B-3674729 V-Booster radio-connection
B-3674730 V-Booster 14,0V
B-3674731 Hands free module VW - PQ35
B-3674755-HIGH rear view camera modul for VAG vehicles "high"
B-3674755-LOW rear view camera modul for VAG vehicles "low"
B-369FUG01-00 Powermanagementadapter radio (FuG)
B-372VW02 SmartLight Shutdown VW MQB - one button
B-372VW02-3 SmartLight Shutdown VW MQB - three buttons
C-AD01-CCSY-BEC CAN 21-Kabel Audi
C-AD01-CCSY-BEM C-AD01-CCSY-BEMu CAN 21-Kabel Audi
C-AD01-CCSY-BEV CAN 21-Kabel Audi
C-AD01-CCSY-NVV CAN 21-Kabel Audi
C-AD01-CCSY-VC0 CAN 21-Kabel Audi
C-AR01-BASE-BEC CAN 21-Kabel Alfa und Fiat
C-BM01-BASE-VC0 CAN 21-Kabel BMW
C-CP01-BASE-BEP CAN 21-Kabel Peugeot
C-DB01-AU05-BEC CAN 21-Kabel Mercedes
C-DB01-AU10-BEC CAN 21-Kabel Mercedes
C-DB01-AU10-BEV CAN 21-Kabel Mercedes
C-DB01-AU10-NVV CAN 21-Kabel Mercedes
C-DB01-AU10-VC0 CAN 21-Kabel Mercedes
C-DB01-AU20-BEC CAN 21-Kabel Mercedes
C-DB01-AU20-BEV CAN 21-Kabel Mercedes
C-DB01-AU20-NVV CAN 21-Kabel Mercedes
C-DB01-AU20-VC0 CAN 21-Kabel Mercedes
C-VW01-BASE-VC0 CAN 21-Kabel VW
C-WTB VOICEDB 5 WTB-C Voice DB Audio 5
C-WTB VOICEDB10 WTB-C Voice DB Audio 10
C-WTB VOICEDB20 WTB-C Voice DB Audio 20
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